Health Insurance Committee Update

The Health Insurance Committee, which meets every spring to review our options for the next year’s health insurance coverage and make recommendations to the President, has concluded its review for this year. Based on the information we received, we voted unanimously to approve a new, three-tier prescription plan, with co-pays of $20, $50, and $75, and an increase to our deductible from $600 to $700. This decision will mean a slightly lower increase in our premiums for next year, but it will also allow us to take a proactive step toward controlling our coverage in the future. We have incurred unprecedented health care claims over the previous year; without some action, we would likely see our premiums skyrocket for the same, or worse, coverage in the future.

More information will be made available at our spring General Membership Meeting, which has not yet been scheduled. If you would like more information in the meantime, please email us at

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