Thanksgiving Solidarity

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday for many of us. It comes so close to the end of the semester that we can’t always make it home to spend with our families, while friends often leave town to be with theirs.

GAU is organizing its members to pick up some of the holiday slack and give a seat at the table to members with no place to spend the day. If you have room for an extra place at your table, or have nowhere else to go that day, GAU wants to help connect you with your other half!

Any member of GAU can sign up to host another member of our union for Thanksgiving dinner. You can also sign up to find a place to go. Hosts who are matched with a guest will be entered into a random drawing for one of four $25 Publix gift cards (to say thank you for this show of solidarity and community).

Use the link below to access a Google form we’ve created to help organize this. We’ve put in options to indicate any necessary restrictions (for our vegan and vegetarian members, and those with special dietary needs), so that we can help match people more easily.

Click Here to Sign Up (Hosts & Guests)

Why not run a food drive?
Every time the holiday season rolls around, this question comes up a lot. Many unions, especially other GAU chapters, have staged food drives to help feed their members. There is an active food pantry at FSU, and we support its existence. Rather than try to duplicate those efforts, this seemed like a good opportunity to help build our community and encourage active participation and support. Meet new colleagues, try new dishes, and talk about the things for which you’re thankful – hopefully, a strong, active union will be on the list!

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