Notice of Spring 17 Elections

We will be holding our Spring General Membership Meeting on Thursday, March 30, from 6:30-8:00 pm in WMS 013. During this meeting, we will accept nominations for all elected positions. They are detailed below, along with an overview of the election process.

We will also have an opportunity to meet Kyle Hill and Stacey Pierre, FSU’s new Student Body President and Vice President. Food will be provided.

Election Process Details

  • The election process is quite specific, in order to comply with state laws. We will accept nominations from 6:40 until 6:45.
  • If there are no contested positions, we will move to elect by acclamation. A unanimous vote means the nominee is elected immediately.
  • In the event of a contested election, we must mail notice of an additional meeting, at least 2 weeks after this one, where the official ballots will be cast.

This election will cover 5 positions on the Executive Committee, as well as 19 seats for the UFF Senate and 9 seats for the FEA Delegation. According to our Bylaws, the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Membership, Treasurer, and the Grievance Officer all automatically become Senators & Delegates, leaving 14 Senate and 4 Delegate seats open for nomination. All nominees must accept their nomination in order to be elected.

Complete duties for each position are outlined in our Bylaws.


The President oversees all chapter operations, leads Executive Committee meetings, and provides leadership and strategy to grow and strengthen the union.



Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President stands ready to take over for the President when needed, and also develops a strategic initiative for increasing membership engagement.



Vice President of Membership

The VP of Membership oversees membership growth and records, communicating with FSU and state officials to keep accurate numbers.




The Treasurer safeguards the chapter’s treasury, develops a budget with the President, tracks all expenses and income, and maintains all financial records.



Grievance Officer

The Grievance Officer processes all contract disputes for the chapter, manages the grievance process, and ensures that our contract is adequately defended.



UFF Senator

Senators constitute the legislative branch of the statewide United Faculty of Florida. They attend bi-annual meetings and help shape the course of our agenda.



FEA Delegate

Delegates represent our chapter at the annual FEA Delegate Assembly. Like Senators, they make up the union’s legislative body, and their votes determine our actions.

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