2017-2018 Bargaining Update

On our third bargaining session on June 30, the University presented counter-proposals.

Thank you to the large group of GAs who showed up to support the bargaining team and to prove to the University that we are deeply invested in our contracts.

Stipends: FSU proposed a minimum stipend of $13,000 for 9-month GAs on a 0.5 FTE, and a 1% pay increase for all GAs already earning above the minimum. GAU countered by asking for a minimum stipend of $7,500 per semester, defined as autumn, spring, summers A, B, and C. Taking into consideration the rising cost of our health insurance, the University’s proposal amounts to a pay cut for most GAs. We also maintain that our work should not be devalued based on the term in which we perform it.

Health Insurance: FSU proposed status quo language, which means a subsidy of $1,662 for GAs on a 0.5 FTE, and less for those on 0.25 FTE or mixed appointments. GAU countered by asking for $2,227 for domestic students and $2,243 for international students on student health insurance, regardless of FTE. Our proposal is a subsidy worth 95% of the cost of the premium. Since the cost of coverage is increasing and our benefits, most notably the inclusion of dependents, are decreasing, we feel our subsidy should likewise increase.

Paid Leave: FSU presented the same proposal as Session 2, in which they proposed 7 weeks of unpaid leave. GAU will strategize before presenting a counter-proposal, but we are not friendly to their proposal.

The next bargaining meeting hasn’t been planned, but we will update you as soon as it is scheduled. We hope to see you there to show the University that we are all deeply invested in our contracts.

For more information or to get involved, feel free to email info@fsugau.org. 

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