2017-2018 Bargaining Updates: Session #5

We had a bargaining session on Thursday, August 3. Here is where we currently stand:

Stipends: FSU proposed a minimum stipend of $13,750 for 9-month GAs on a 0.5 FTE, and a 1.75% pay increase for all GAs already earning above the minimum. This is a slight increase from their previous offer of $13,500 and 1.5%.

GAU countered by asking for a minimum hourly rate of $18.46 during the academic year or Summer Session A. For an academic year appointment at 0.5 FTE, this is a minimum stipend of $14,400. For a Summer Session A appointment at 0.25 FTE, this is a minimum stipend of $3,600. For Summer Session B and Summer Session C, GAU asked for a minimum hourly rate that would translate to a minimum stipend of $3,600 for an appointment at 0.25 FTE.

We strongly believe GAs deserve a better raise than the University has offered. This is especially true given significant increases in GA stipends at other public Florida universities and a national inflation rate of roughly 2%.

Health Insurance: Despite an increase in premiums for the coming year, FSU has once again proposed status quo language. This language would mean a subsidy of $1,662 for GAs on a 0.5 FTE, and less for those on 0.25 FTE or mixed appointments.

GAU countered by asking for a student health insurance subsidy of $2,110 for domestic students and $2,125 for international students on at least a 0.25 FTE. This subsidy would be 90% of the premium. This is down from our previous proposal of a 95% subsidy.

Since the cost of coverage is increasing and benefits such as dependent coverage have been cut for the coming year, we feel our subsidy should likewise increase.
Additionally, GAU asked what FSU is offering to compensate for the expected loss of dependent coverage. We are waiting for FSU’s response.

Leave: GAU proposed 7 weeks of unpaid leave for any 12-month period, as well as 5 days of paid personal time each semester. This paid personal time would not be cumulative.

FSU did not counter our proposal. FSU’s previous proposal was for 7 weeks of unpaid leave for any 12-month period.

Thanks to the GAs who showed up to the bargaining session. By attending, you help show the University we are invested in our contracts.

What Can You Do?

  • Attend the next bargaining session — the date and time will be announced soon — at the FSU Training Center (493 Stadium Drive).
  • Email Dr. Judith Devine, Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School, at jdevine@admin.fsu.edu or University President John Thrasher at president@fsu.edu and tell them why graduate assistants deserve a raise.
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