Protect Your Union

Your academic freedom, your stipend, and your health insurance are under threat.

If bills recently introduced* in the Florida Legislature pass, UFF-FSU-GAU faces imminent decertification. Legislators are deceptively claiming that those who don’t pay dues to a union are fundamentally opposed to that union. That deliberate misunderstanding of how things work now threatens your contract and the rights we have been building for nearly a decade.

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SB 1276 Hits the Senate

This is it! The chance we’ve been waiting for is finally here. The Senate Education Committee will consider the bill containing the partial fee waiver for which we’ve been fighting for years. It is essential that we make a strong show of support for this important piece of legislation.

At a minimum, we urge you to call the Senators listed in this post and tell them of your STRONG support for SB 1276. What will make an even bigger difference, though, is if we can PACK the room with supporters. Last year, we brought over 100 GAs to a single meeting. We can beat that number!

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Gearing Up For Bargaining

GAU is preparing to head back to the negotiation table with representatives for FSU’s Board of Trustees. Our first round of negotiations will be held on Friday, March 31. It is likely that all bargaining sessions will be held on Friday mornings through the end of the Spring semester.

Our co-chief negotiators are putting the finishing touches on our first round of proposals. The articles governing stipends and health insurance subsidies are opened automatically each year. We also have the option to open two additional articles, as does FSU. Any GAU member who wants more information about our proposals can contact Kim and Clancy at We are optimistic about our ability to make significant progress this year in strengthening our contract, in light of the gains made by other GAU chapters around the state.

Introducing Our New Website!

After our old website was hacked, we finally got the kick in the pants we needed to give ourselves a face lift. We are proud to introduce you to our new website. We moved to WordPress for easier updating and more control. The content has been revised and most things have been rearranged to make finding what you need as easy as possible. We’ve also switched to a better, more responsive forms manager. You can always email us to get a response, but the Contact, Grievance, and Membership forms on our site are designed to get a quick response from the appropriate person.

We hope you find our new site useful.

Also, if you have experience with WordPress and want to help support your union, consider joining the Communications Committee and lending us a hand!