July 25, 2018 Press Release: GAU: FSU Benefits Package Lags Far Behind UF & USF

TALLAHASSEE — Graduate Assistants United strongly criticizes Florida State University’s substandard benefits proposals for graduate assistants during ongoing contract negotiations and will seek improved benefits at a bargaining session Thursday. Graduate assistants teach about 30 percent of Florida State University’s undergraduate courses, and FSU’s poor treatment of these key employees could affect the university’s rankings and leadership position.

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Bargaining Session #5 Update| Bargaining Session #6 is Coming Up Tomorrow!

During the session, we expressed our unhappiness with bargaining delays and asked for significant increases in financial benefits. We presented evidence showing the following:

  1. FSU’s budget has increased for the current and upcoming years
  2. Increases in minimum GA stipends at FSU have lagged significantly behind those at comparable schools
  3. Some GAs are paid less for teaching the same class in Summer than in Fall or Spring terms.

Here are highlights of the session:


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Update on Dependent Coverage for GAs

GAU representatives are continuing to work toward restoring dependent coverage after the university unilaterally cut this benefit for the 2017-18 academic year.

GAU and FSU representatives formed a committee to solicit proposals for dependent coverage that met on December 15, 2017. FSU distributed an invitation to negotiate to healthcare providers on December 18, 2017, with proposals due January 23, 2018. Unfortunately, FSU reported on February 1 that it received no proposals.

GAU is talking with FSU about how to move forward. We are also discussing a proposal for contract changes that would require FSU to offer a dependent coverage option.