Gearing Up For Bargaining

GAU is preparing to head back to the negotiation table with representatives for FSU’s Board of Trustees. Our first round of negotiations will be held on Friday, March 31. It is likely that all bargaining sessions will be held on Friday mornings through the end of the Spring semester.

Our co-chief negotiators are putting the finishing touches on our first round of proposals. The articles governing stipends and health insurance subsidies are opened automatically each year. We also have the option to open two additional articles, as does FSU. Any GAU member who wants more information about our proposals can contact Kim and Clancy at We are optimistic about our ability to make significant progress this year in strengthening our contract, in light of the gains made by other GAU chapters around the state.

Ratification Complete!

Today, the last votes were cast to ratify our new CBA. You voted in favor of ratification 82 to 0! Congratulations, GAs at FSU!

Once the signature page is signed, our new contract will officially go into effect. We’ll be back to the bargaining table in the spring of 2017. If there’s something you think GAU should make a priority for next year, email Kimberly Tate Anderson.

Bargaining Concludes!

Today, GAU concluded negotiations with FSU. Our bargaining team is pleased with the results of this year’s contract negotiations. We opened four articles this year: 11 (Grievances), 16 (Health Insurance), 18 (Other Employee Rights), and 23 (Stipends). It’s important to remember that none of these changes will go into effect until the contract is ratified! Ratification is a simple process: simply stop by and cast your vote to ratify or not. A majority (50% + 1) of the votes cast will determine whether or not the contract is ratified.

Ratification of the new changes will take place July 21 and July 22. There will be two locations for each day:
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Pre-Bargaining Caucus Report

We saw about 30 of our members today and yesterday for the two-part pre-bargaining caucus. President Kimberly Tate Anderson and Co-Chief Negotiator Matt Dauphin discussed the four articles we plan to open (11: Grievances, 16: Health Insurance, 18: Other Employee Rights, and 23: Stipends) and the history of our efforts. The membership present weighed in on their preferred priorities and helped determine how our bargaining team will use its strength at spring negotiations.

To make sure you receive the most up-to-the-minute news on GAU bargaining, email and make sure we have a non-FSU email address. NO BARGAINING EMAILS WILL BE SENT TO FSU EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Pre-Bargaining Caucus

We’ll be hosting two pre-bargaining caucuses to inform our members of our plans for the 2016-2017 bargaining session, as well as to seek their input on our priorities during negotiations. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the bargaining process and to have your voice heard. Though your EC works diligently to ensure that we serve the interests of GAs from all across campus, it is with your input and participation that we can best meet that goal.

Our caucuses will meet in WMS 013, which is located on the ground floor of the Williams building and is best accessed from Jefferson St. Food will be provided. Both caucuses will start at 6:00 pm, one on Wednesday, February 17, and one on Thursday, February 18. For more information, please email us at