FSU Health Insurance for GAs

FSU is the only unionized university in Florida that makes graduate assistants (GAs) pay for the school health insurance plan. FSU needs to pay for GA health insurance in order to remain competitive with the other universities. We are still negotiating over health insurance subsidies and it is proving to be a tough battle. GAU is working hard on increasing the subsidy and getting the University to stick to their word of not only verbally promising that they are working on meeting the goal of covering 100% of health insurance, but SHOWING us by increasing the stipend for both .25 and .50 FTE appointments.
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Reopener Summary

Collective Bargaining Agreement Summary

2012 Reopener

UFF-FSU-GAU and the FSU-Board of Trustees have reached an agreement on the second reopener to the 2010-2013 employment contract for all FSU graduate employees. Many important gains have been secured for thousands of academic professionals teaching classes and conducting cutting edge research at FSU. The union encourages a strong YES vote and asks for your vote.
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