Notice of Ratification Vote

Now that bargaining is over, it is time to ratify the changes to the contract. We encourage you to come out to the polls and vote for the proposed changes. Please see polling the dates, times, and locations here. If you would like to assist us in staffing the polling locations, please email us at for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the polls!

Here is the Tentative Agreement and the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the proposed changes.

Update 3/8/17: We were unable to transfer all of our old PDFs when we migrated our content to our new website. If you need to access old CBA files, please contact us directly.

Press Release

With close to fifty student protesters outside FSU’s Training Center the UFF-FSU-GAU bargaining team returned to the bargaining table with FSU representatives to continue negotiations over a health insurance subsidy for FSU Graduate Assistants. While GAU had hoped FSU would step in line with UF, USF, and FAMU who all offer full health insurance subsidies for Graduate Assistants (GAs), we were able to negotiate a substantial increase. For GAs on a 0.50FTE appointment (working 20 hours a week), the subsidy was increased from $900 to $1300 and GAs on a 0.25FTE – 0.49FTE moved from $450 to $650. This is a step in the right direction towards our goal, and is a drastic increase over the University’s first offer.
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CALL TO ACTION – Health Insurance Bargaining Meeting Thursday, September 5

Greetings Graduate Assistants,

GAU is entering our fourth month of bargaining. We are currently fighting for 100% health insurance coverage. Unfortunately, things are not looking good for us. The University has agreed to an increase for those working 20 hours a week (0.50 FTE appointment), but not those on lesser ones. We feel that this is unfair and cannot agree to an increase for one group of GAs and not ALL GAs.
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FSU Health Insurance for GAs

FSU is the only unionized university in Florida that makes graduate assistants (GAs) pay for the school health insurance plan. FSU needs to pay for GA health insurance in order to remain competitive with the other universities. We are still negotiating over health insurance subsidies and it is proving to be a tough battle. GAU is working hard on increasing the subsidy and getting the University to stick to their word of not only verbally promising that they are working on meeting the goal of covering 100% of health insurance, but SHOWING us by increasing the stipend for both .25 and .50 FTE appointments.
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