Bargaining Session #5 Update| Bargaining Session #6 is Coming Up Tomorrow!

During the session, we expressed our unhappiness with bargaining delays and asked for significant increases in financial benefits. We presented evidence showing the following:

  1. FSU’s budget has increased for the current and upcoming years
  2. Increases in minimum GA stipends at FSU have lagged significantly behind those at comparable schools
  3. Some GAs are paid less for teaching the same class in Summer than in Fall or Spring terms.

Here are highlights of the session:

Article 25 (Discipline) – GAU proposal

  • We proposed a new article describing the discipline process.

Article 23 (Stipends) – GAU proposal

  • After discussions with FSU, we dropped our 3-year stepped increase and proposed the following stipend minimum, prorated by FTE and appointment period:
    • 2018-19: $17,000 for a 0.5 FTE academic-year appointment, with a minimum of $21.79 per hour.
  • GAU proposed a 3-year, competitive pay increase of whichever is greater:
    • 2018-19: 1.5% above the CPI or 3.5%
    • 2019-20: 1.5% above the CPI or 3.5%
    • 2020-21: 1.5% above the CPI or 3.5%.
  • GAU proposed that pay be consistent for teaching duties, regardless of appointment period (summer, fall or spring).

Article 23 (Stipends) – FSU counter

  • FSU countered with the following stipend minimum, prorated by FTE and appointment period:
    • 2018-19: $14,500 for a 0.5 FTE academic-year appointment, with a minimum of $18.59 per hour.
  • FSU proposed a 1-year, competitive pay increase of 0.5% for 2018-19.
  • FSU struck our consistent pay language.

Article 16 (Health Insurance) – FSU proposal

  • FSU countered our previous proposal with status quo language.

Article 16 (Health Insurance) – GAU counter

  • We came back to our previous proposal. We proposed that the University pay 100% of the student health insurance premium for any GA on at least a 0.25 FTE academic-year appointment. We also proposed the following:
    • The University provide dental insurance and pay 100% of the premium
    • The University provide vision insurance and pay 100% of the premium
    • The University offer dependent coverage for health, dental and vision insurance.

Article 12 (Fees and Waivers) – FSU proposal

  • FSU countered our previous proposal with status quo language.

Article 12 (Fees and Waivers) – GAU counter

  • We came back to our previous proposal. We proposed a full waiver of all tuition and fees, excluding fees relevant to student activities, such as the Athletics Fee. Under this proposal, Capital Improvement and other fees relevant to employment activities would be waived.

Article 10 (Leave) – GAU counter

  • We countered a FSU proposal by clarifying the definition of immediate family member to include domestic partner. We dropped our request for 5 days of paid leave per semester in the belief that this may reduce the paid leave available to some GAs.

Article 7 (Outside Employment) – GAU counter

  • We countered a FSU proposal by asking that restrictions on outside employment not apply to GAs with a total stipend less than 125% of the 0.5 FTE minimum.

Article 3 (Employment Performance Evaluation) – FSU counter

  • After talking with GAU, FSU proposed that GAs be given at least 30 days to address needed improvements. FSU also proposed that anonymous student comments not be used for evaluation purposes if these comments are not collected through the course evaluation process.

Our Next Session is Friday, June 8 from 2:00-5:00

It is located at 493 Stadium Drive in the HR Training Center. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. All non-members can quickly and easily become new members (it takes less than 2 minutes). There is ample parking on-site.

Next Department Rep Meeting is Nov 16

Our next department representative meeting will be on November 16 from 5-7pm at Oglesby Student Union Room 311B.

 If you are interested in becoming a department repthis would also be a fantastic meeting for you to attend.

For this meeting, we will discuss the contract bargaining process with our bargaining chair Clancy McGilligan. This is a complex process that is not only important to every Graduate Assistant (GA) on campus, but also has ramifications for incoming graduate students as well. The more help we have with this, the better it is for all the GAs at FSU. Last meeting, we discussed grievances and had a lot of productive conversation. We hope to get even more great discussion going on this time too.

If you are interested in becoming a new Department Representative and are curious about what that entails, it means that you will:
1) attend monthly training sessions (food is provided!)
2) represent your department to GAU and GAU to your department;
3) recruit and give orientation presentations for your department;
4) experience a rewarding feeling from representing the union and hero status for helping out your fellow graduate students.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP on the Facebook page: and help us get a count to prepare how much food we need. Also, let us know on Facebook if you have any dietary restrictions.

Notice of Spring 17 Elections

We will be holding our Spring General Membership Meeting on Thursday, March 30, from 6:30-8:00 pm in WMS 013. During this meeting, we will accept nominations for all elected positions. They are detailed below, along with an overview of the election process.

We will also have an opportunity to meet Kyle Hill and Stacey Pierre, FSU’s new Student Body President and Vice President. Food will be provided.
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General Membership Meeting

The December 1st Executive Committee meeting has been designated a General Membership Meeting. While all EC meetings are open to our membership, we are encouraging anyone who would like to join the discussion of GAU’s political activity in the wake of the Presidential election to attend. We will weigh the pros and cons of specific actions against our overarching mission as a union, and discuss how best to represent our members moving forward. This is an opportunity to provide feedback and help shape our message.

The meeting will be from 10:45-12:15, in KRB 324, and will include other EC business as usual. If you cannot attend, but would like to share your thoughts, you can email our Political Action Chair, Chris Segal, at

Notice of Meeting
KRB 324
Thursday, December 1, 10:45am-12:15pm

Thanksgiving Solidarity

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday for many of us. It comes so close to the end of the semester that we can’t always make it home to spend with our families, while friends often leave town to be with theirs.

GAU is organizing its members to pick up some of the holiday slack and give a seat at the table to members with no place to spend the day. If you have room for an extra place at your table, or have nowhere else to go that day, GAU wants to help connect you with your other half!
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