2017-2018 Bargaining Update

On our third bargaining session on June 30, the University presented counter-proposals.

Thank you to the large group of GAs who showed up to support the bargaining team and to prove to the University that we are deeply invested in our contracts.

Stipends: FSU proposed a minimum stipend of $13,000 for 9-month GAs on a 0.5 FTE, and a 1% pay increase for all GAs already earning above the minimum. GAU countered by asking for a minimum stipend of $7,500 per semester, defined as autumn, spring, summers A, B, and C. Taking into consideration the rising cost of our health insurance, the University’s proposal amounts to a pay cut for most GAs. We also maintain that our work should not be devalued based on the term in which we perform it.
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Thanksgiving Solidarity

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday for many of us. It comes so close to the end of the semester that we can’t always make it home to spend with our families, while friends often leave town to be with theirs.

GAU is organizing its members to pick up some of the holiday slack and give a seat at the table to members with no place to spend the day. If you have room for an extra place at your table, or have nowhere else to go that day, GAU wants to help connect you with your other half!
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Fall 16 Social a Big Success

We had an amazing time at our Fall Social event. 41 current members turned out, and we welcomed 6 new ones! We’re so happy to facilitate opportunities for our hard-working members to get together and meet their colleagues from across campus.

Coordinating events like this is a joint effort. We’d like to send a special thank you to all those whose hard work made it possible, including the Executive Committee and our Department Representatives. If you’d like to help out with future events (we have several more planned this semester), contact Daniel, our Organizing Chair, at organizing@fsugau.org!

Early Enrollment

Summer is a hard time for GAU. We tend to lose a large number of our members to graduation, and it can be hard for others to pay their dues when summer employment isn’t guaranteed. Our allies at FEA know this and have found one way to help us out: Early Enrollment! New members can enroll as members of the union now, but they won’t have to pay dues until their August paycheck! Check out the flyer below. Any questions can be directed to our Vice President of Membership.

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