Fair Pay

Fair Pay

GAU has attempted to achieve fair pay for our members on three fronts:

  • Higher minimum stipends
  • Across-the-board pay raises
  • Access to outside employment

Our first contract, ratified in 2009, established a minimum annual stipend of only $8,100, and employees had no right to obtain a second job if they wanted to avoid financial aid. Since then, we've raised the minimum stipend to $12,000, secured  a pay raise (typically 2-3%) every year, and greatly strengthened the right to outside employment.

We have so much further to go. Take a look at how far short our stipends fall when measured against our expenses:

( Click to enlarge. )

Not only are many of our members earning below-poverty wages after paying back FSU, but we're also severely underpaid compared to GAs at other universities in Florida.

Four other universities have GAU chapters - see how their minimum stipends stack up:

  • FAMU: $10,000
  • USF: $11,450 (Master's Students)*
  • USF: $14,500 (PhD Students)*
  • UF: $15,000

*USF has a 3-year contract in place; in 2018 their stipends increase to $11,850/$16,800; in 2019 they'll increase again to $12,500/$17,830.

Our Goals

  • We are committed to keeping GA stipends competitive and fair for our workers.
  • We believe in a guaranteed minimum stipend for summer appointments.
  • We believe that the University should not balance its budget on the backs of its most vulnerable workers.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but together, we can make a difference.

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