Family Leave

Family & Medical Leave

Family and medical leave is what allows you to take time off of work for important situations such as illness or childbirth. The Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal statute that grants certain benefits to specific employees. When GAU negotiated its contract with FSU, we established similar protections. The main difference is that they apply to all GAs, regardless of how long they've been employed.

Article 10 of the CBA

While we're proud of the gains we've made, we don't believe that unpaid leave is sufficient. GAs who have to miss 6 weeks of work usually do so because of a major medical crisis of some kind. Surgery, medication, childbirth - none of these sound like situations where you'd want to miss 3 paychecks.

Too often, departments will exert enormous pressure on GAs to return to work before they're ready. Even when department officials are respectful, the financial constraints exert a coercive force on these workers. No one should be forced to choose between following their doctor's orders or paying rent.

Our Goals

  • We are committed to bolstering protections for our workers.
  • We believe that GAs deserve leave conditions on par with our faculty colleagues - after all, we do much of the same work as they do.
  • We believe FSU should make it possible for its employees to start families, or tend to the ones they have, without risking destitution.

FSU doesn't share our opinions. We've never let that stop us.

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