Health Insurance

Health Insurance

When GAU first formed, GA subsidies were distributed through a lottery, and awarded to a mere 400 employees at random. The subsidy also came nowhere near sufficient coverage, considering the premiums. We have successfully bargained for a subsidy as a guaranteed benefit to any GA who purchases the student health insurance plan.


Unfortunately, our subsidies are still insufficient. We have made progress most years in closing the gap between subsidy and premium, but our premiums continue to outpace our growth. Uncertainty over healthcare laws has only made things more difficult. We are especially frustrated that FSU-GAU remains the only Florida GAU chapter without sufficient health coverage; USF and FAMU both receive subsidies that cover the cost of their premiums, and UF's arrangement entails a smaller financial burden for its GAs.

Our Goals

  • We believe that employees who earn as little as we do, on average, should not be burdened with unreasonable healthcare costs when working for the state.
  • We are committed to achieving 100% health insurance subsidies for all GAs, regardless of their FTE.
  • We will exert all the pressure we can to convince FSU's administration to restore dependent coverage as a part of the student health insurance plan.

GAU won't rest until its members can pursue their education at FSU without having to go into debt to fund their living expenses, including healthcare.

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