Protect Your Union

Your academic freedom, your stipend, and your health insurance are under threat.

If bills recently introduced* in the Florida Legislature pass, UFF-FSU-GAU faces imminent decertification. Legislators are deceptively claiming that those who don’t pay dues to a union are fundamentally opposed to that union. That deliberate misunderstanding of how things work now threatens your contract and the rights we have been building for nearly a decade.

*HB 11: (Rep. Scott Plakon, R, Longwood); and SB 1292 (Sen. Dennis Baxley, R, Ocala)

Let’s face it: when legislators see that fewer than 50% of the employees we represent pay dues, it’s easy to believe that UFF is not valuable enough to pay for. But we know that’s not true.

Since 2009, UFF-FSU-GAU has strengthened workplace protections, raised stipends, secured a guaranteed health insurance subsidy, fought for transparency and accountability, and vigorously defended our members against contract violations.

If you are a member, get more active. If you are not a member, your colleagues need you to step up now. A strong membership will do much more than show legislators that we want to preserve our union. It will also make us that much more effective when we bargain for better stipends and benefits at FSU.

If you value a fair assignment and evaluation process…
If you value the guarantee of family and medical leave without risking your job…
If you value the right to meet FSU’s administration on an equal footing…

… then join UFF-FSU-GAU and help us defeat this attempt to strip us of our collective bargaining rights. Stand with your colleagues. FSU works because WE do.

HB 11 has already passed in the House. The Senate is the only thing standing between us and this terrible policy. You can join GAU quickly and easily by clicking here and filling out the form.

If you’re not ready to join, consider signing up to receive emails directly from us in the future. We protect your privacy and send emails only sparingly. It’s an important step to stay informed about workplace issues across our campus.

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