Important Update Regarding Stipends

Attention: We have encountered a MAJOR discrepancy between our interpretation of the contract regarding stipends and FSU’s.

FSU’s position is that we are not entitled to see an actual, real increase of $525 during the academic year. Many of us will actually see an increase of less than $400 in our gross pay. We will be filing a grievance immediately and we expect it to go to arbitration. To hear more about this, please come to our General Membership Meeting on November 1. This affects every graduate assistant on campus, but the GMM is only open to members. We are trying very hard to put together an informative meeting, so please hold your questions until then.

Food and drinks will be provided. RSVP to help us plan.

Notice of Meeting
WMS 013
Tuesday, November 1, 5-7pm

Bargaining Concludes!

Today, GAU concluded negotiations with FSU. Our bargaining team is pleased with the results of this year’s contract negotiations. We opened four articles this year: 11 (Grievances), 16 (Health Insurance), 18 (Other Employee Rights), and 23 (Stipends). It’s important to remember that none of these changes will go into effect until the contract is ratified! Ratification is a simple process: simply stop by and cast your vote to ratify or not. A majority (50% + 1) of the votes cast will determine whether or not the contract is ratified.

Ratification of the new changes will take place July 21 and July 22. There will be two locations for each day:
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Pre-Bargaining Caucus Report

We saw about 30 of our members today and yesterday for the two-part pre-bargaining caucus. President Kimberly Tate Anderson and Co-Chief Negotiator Matt Dauphin discussed the four articles we plan to open (11: Grievances, 16: Health Insurance, 18: Other Employee Rights, and 23: Stipends) and the history of our efforts. The membership present weighed in on their preferred priorities and helped determine how our bargaining team will use its strength at spring negotiations.

To make sure you receive the most up-to-the-minute news on GAU bargaining, email and make sure we have a non-FSU email address. NO BARGAINING EMAILS WILL BE SENT TO FSU EMAIL ADDRESSES.

2015-2018 Tentative Agreement

Hello everyone! We are very excited to share our newly negotiated contract with you! This year was a full book review, meaning GAU and FSU went through every single article in our contract and made changes to better reflect the needs of our union members. There’s a lot to go through in this update. Some articles stayed the same as they were before.
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Press Release

With close to fifty student protesters outside FSU’s Training Center the UFF-FSU-GAU bargaining team returned to the bargaining table with FSU representatives to continue negotiations over a health insurance subsidy for FSU Graduate Assistants. While GAU had hoped FSU would step in line with UF, USF, and FAMU who all offer full health insurance subsidies for Graduate Assistants (GAs), we were able to negotiate a substantial increase. For GAs on a 0.50FTE appointment (working 20 hours a week), the subsidy was increased from $900 to $1300 and GAs on a 0.25FTE – 0.49FTE moved from $450 to $650. This is a step in the right direction towards our goal, and is a drastic increase over the University’s first offer.
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