SB 1276 Hits the Senate

This is it! The chance we’ve been waiting for is finally here. The Senate Education Committee will consider the bill containing the partial fee waiver for which we’ve been fighting for years. It is essential that we make a strong show of support for this important piece of legislation.

At a minimum, we urge you to call the Senators listed in this post and tell them of your STRONG support for SB 1276. What will make an even bigger difference, though, is if we can PACK the room with supporters. Last year, we brought over 100 GAs to a single meeting. We can beat that number!

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Amendment to SB 984 Best Chance for Fees Legislation

Our efforts to combat fees through the Florida Legislature have seen enormous support this year. We have one more chance to make real progress on this issue. Senator Maria Sachs has introduced an amendment to SB 984 that adopts some of the language from HB 1311. It seeks to waive certain fees for GAs in Florida; these fees are directly related to our employment and supporting it should be a no-brainer!
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Pre-Bargaining Caucus Report

We saw about 30 of our members today and yesterday for the two-part pre-bargaining caucus. President Kimberly Tate Anderson and Co-Chief Negotiator Matt Dauphin discussed the four articles we plan to open (11: Grievances, 16: Health Insurance, 18: Other Employee Rights, and 23: Stipends) and the history of our efforts. The membership present weighed in on their preferred priorities and helped determine how our bargaining team will use its strength at spring negotiations.

To make sure you receive the most up-to-the-minute news on GAU bargaining, email and make sure we have a non-FSU email address. NO BARGAINING EMAILS WILL BE SENT TO FSU EMAIL ADDRESSES.

More on Fee Waivers

Another bill, SB 1230, sponsored by Senator Maria Sachs, is set to be heard before the Higher Education Committee on Monday, February 8, at 4pm. This bill would waive all fees for GAs in Florida. We fully support this bill and hope that, should it succeed in the Senate, its stronger provisions will be adopted by the House.

Our presence and testimony were instrumental in educating the members of House of the need to support HB 1311 and we know we can do it again with SB 1230. We need your support! For more details and to RSVP, please see our Facebook event here. If you don’t have Facebook and would like more information, please email us at