Bargaining Concludes!

Today, GAU concluded negotiations with FSU. Our bargaining team is pleased with the results of this year’s contract negotiations. We opened four articles this year: 11 (Grievances), 16 (Health Insurance), 18 (Other Employee Rights), and 23 (Stipends). It’s important to remember that none of these changes will go into effect until the contract is ratified! Ratification is a simple process: simply stop by and cast your vote to ratify or not. A majority (50% + 1) of the votes cast will determine whether or not the contract is ratified.

Ratification of the new changes will take place July 21 and July 22. There will be two locations for each day:
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UFF Senate Spring 16

President Kimberly Tate Anderson, Executive Vice-President Martin Bremer, Grievance Officer Rachel McCleery, and Co-Chief Negotiator Matt Dauphin traveled to Tampa, FL this weekend to attend the spring UFF Senate meeting. The spring meeting is traditionally the one in which senators vote of UFF’s annual budget. It also provides an opportunity to check in with our brother and sister organizations, learn what we’re all doing in our own corners of the state, and strategize about better ways to work in solidarity.
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Pre-Bargaining Caucus Report

We saw about 30 of our members today and yesterday for the two-part pre-bargaining caucus. President Kimberly Tate Anderson and Co-Chief Negotiator Matt Dauphin discussed the four articles we plan to open (11: Grievances, 16: Health Insurance, 18: Other Employee Rights, and 23: Stipends) and the history of our efforts. The membership present weighed in on their preferred priorities and helped determine how our bargaining team will use its strength at spring negotiations.

To make sure you receive the most up-to-the-minute news on GAU bargaining, email and make sure we have a non-FSU email address. NO BARGAINING EMAILS WILL BE SENT TO FSU EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Health Insurance Committee Update

The Health Insurance Committee, which meets every spring to review our options for the next year’s health insurance coverage and make recommendations to the President, has concluded its review for this year. Based on the information we received, we voted unanimously to approve a new, three-tier prescription plan, with co-pays of $20, $50, and $75, and an increase to our deductible from $600 to $700. This decision will mean a slightly lower increase in our premiums for next year, but it will also allow us to take a proactive step toward controlling our coverage in the future. We have incurred unprecedented health care claims over the previous year; without some action, we would likely see our premiums skyrocket for the same, or worse, coverage in the future.

More information will be made available at our spring General Membership Meeting, which has not yet been scheduled. If you would like more information in the meantime, please email us at

2015-2018 Tentative Agreement

Hello everyone! We are very excited to share our newly negotiated contract with you! This year was a full book review, meaning GAU and FSU went through every single article in our contract and made changes to better reflect the needs of our union members. There’s a lot to go through in this update. Some articles stayed the same as they were before.
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