Notice of Spring 17 Elections

We will be holding our Spring General Membership Meeting on Thursday, March 30, from 6:30-8:00 pm in WMS 013. During this meeting, we will accept nominations for all elected positions. They are detailed below, along with an overview of the election process.

We will also have an opportunity to meet Kyle Hill and Stacey Pierre, FSU’s new Student Body President and Vice President. Food will be provided.
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GAU Fights HB 11

On Wednesday, March 8, a subcommittee of the Florida House heard Rep. Plakon’s HB 11, a bill that threatens the ability of most public unions across the state to function. The bill requires that public unions maintain at least 50% membership from their potential bargaining units or else face automatic decertification.

Despite impressive gains each and every year, GAU’s dues-paying members are just over 15% of our potential membership. Rep. Plakon insists his bill is about democracy, ensuring that the fate of workers isn’t controlled by a small minority.
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Early Enrollment

Summer is a hard time for GAU. We tend to lose a large number of our members to graduation, and it can be hard for others to pay their dues when summer employment isn’t guaranteed. Our allies at FEA know this and have found one way to help us out: Early Enrollment! New members can enroll as members of the union now, but they won’t have to pay dues until their August paycheck! Check out the flyer below. Any questions can be directed to our Vice President of Membership.

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